Plot Distributions

Use the tool above to plot statistical distributions online that you can download as PDFs. The charts show the probability density (or mass) function and the cumulative distribution function. You can also generate and plot random samples from the distributions.

To get started, choose a distribution from the drop-down list and enter parameter values. For additional help click on the icon at the top right.

Supported distributions include:

  • Beta (Shape α, Shape β)
  • Binomial (Trials n, Probability p)
  • Cauchy (Location a, Scale γ)
  • Chi-squared (Degrees of freedom k)
  • Erlang (Shape k, Rate λ)
  • Exponential (Rate λ)
  • F (Degrees of freedom n, Degrees of freedom m)
  • Gamma (Shape k, Scale θ)
  • Laplace (Location μ, Scale s)
  • Levy (Location μ, Scale c)
  • Logarithmic (Probability p)
  • Logistic (Mean μ, Scale s)
  • Log-logistic (Shape α, Scale β)
  • Log-normal (Mean μ, Scale σ)
  • Negative binomial (Failures r, Probability of success p)
  • Normal (Mean μ, Scale σ)
  • Pareto (Scale k, Shape α)
  • Poisson (Rate λ)
  • Rayleigh (Scale σ)
  • Student's T (Degrees of freedom v)
  • Triangular (Maximum a, Minimum b, Mode c)
  • Uniform (Minimum a, Maximum b)
  • Weibull (Shape k, Scale λ)

Click on the "Details" button below the distribution selection to see full parameterization details for each distribution.


The charts are constructed using the d3 Javascript library. The underlying distributions are part of the Essy Distribution Javascript library.

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  • Erik
    Thank you so much, helped me understand the impact of the distribution parameters!
  • Kevin
    Very useful website for my students!

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